Schools should require students to practice a sport

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That is why gym soccer is not as fun as the actual sports team soccer. Physical education should be mandatory throughout high school including grade 11 and But would a push like this work in the United States, and should it.

While participating in physical education requirements, the overall obesity rates in students will gradually decrease. These athletes learn the fun of team rivalries and revel in the praise of a job well done for their school. Download Article The British Government recently launched a campaign, in conjunction with their preparation for the Olympic Games in London, to give every child the chance to participate in five hours of competitive sport every week.

In fact, this is how Coakley says the future of sport will be: They set an example and often provide advice and guidance both on and off the field. Positive Mentors High school athletics are filled with positive mentors, from the coaches on the sidelines to the leaders on the team.

Athletes have the benefactor of achieving more than they could during practices. But, if you force a person to play a sport who is really into some other hobby, they might not feel like they fit in as much. Scholarship Availability With the exception of big-time Division 1 college football and basketball programs, most colleges provide money to athletes in the form of academic scholarships.

Should Sports Be Required?

But, even for affluent kids these programs, focused solely on specialized skill development and measurable indicators of progress, may not encourage a healthy relationship with physical fitness, according to Coakley.

College admissions boards and potential employers will care a lot more about your school performance than your performance on the athletic field.

I disagree that athletes would abstain from substance abuse from the pressure to help their team be successful. Just because they are getting exercise outside of the school day does not mean they are better than any other student.

The survey also showed that student athletes missed less school than their non-athlete counterparts, with a total of 7. I think not, at the end of the day it is for their own benefit, so they can get more out of their school day.

Whereas the average student who has gym every other day only gets four and a half hours of exercise a week at most. The intensity of playing a varsity sport far exceeds the intensity of gym class. I have never thought gym was necessary for athletes, especially ones who do multiple sports throughout the year, so wasting my energy on the day of a big game never thrilled me.

Since I was fulfilling my need to exercise on a daily basis, I thought it would be smart to use that elective class to take another class that I was required to take to graduate.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association requires a minimum grade point average and minimum standardized test score as well as the successful completion of core courses in order for athletes to participate in college sports.

However, at a time when talented athletes are leaving college early to pursue professional contracts worth millions, doing well in school is sometimes put on the back burner.

These relationships are essential for mental, emotional and physical health throughout the high school years. Instead of being benched, they could do a hobby they love.

Community Representation While club sports have become a popular pastime for both students and college recruiters, there is still a lot to be said for playing for your high school team. Most school athletes never reach the professional level, and the ones who do are normally done playing by age I don't see any problem with iPods at break, lunch, or between classes.

Senior athletes are expected to encourage younger team members and hold them accountable. Coakley says a big piece of this puzzle is rethinking the way we look at physical fitness in our children; it's not just about those competitive team sports, it's about experiencing a wide range of movement activities—be it skateboarding, tumbling, or even interactive video games like Wii.

Not only should athletes have to enroll in gym class because of equality, but also due to the benefit of their physical abilities. Furthermore, if sports were made mandatory, would tryouts be illegal.

Community Representation While club sports have become a popular pastime for both students and college recruiters, there is still a lot to be said for playing for your high school team. Furthermore, with their lack of skill and determination, they would probably be benched for most of the games.

Students should go to school until they graduate, but it is the kids choice if they want to stop at In fact, this is how Coakley says the future of sport will be: While there is little doubt about the importance of keeping kids physically active, there is quite a lot of debate around how this should be accomplished.

Today, the field has merely expanded, encompassing an even greater variety of competitive options for male and female students alike. So instead of having a period forcing athletes to be more active than we already are, the school should make an exception for athletes to either have a free period to manage their schedules better or to take a required class that works at helping you graduate.

In honesty, what real benefit are athletes getting from playing boccer, team handball, frisby, occasionally runnning the pacer, occasionally doing ten push-ups and taking a test on the rules and regulations of a certain sports game.

Teamwork and Cooperation An article at We Play Moms explains that because everyone is working toward a common goal in team sports, students learn firsthand how their performance impacts the rest of the team.

Even on days where I only had practice I still needed the energy to practice well. The same report by the NFHS cited a study by the Department of Education that found students who spent no time in extracurricular activities in high school were 49 percent more likely to use drugs and 37 percent more apt to become teen parents.

One of the biggest problems this creates, according to Coakley, is that it leaves a large number of kids whose parents can't afford ski club embittered on the sidelines of a corrupt political system.

"Schools should require all students to participate in field trips since these outings are an essential part of the curriculum for all grade levels." Topic 13 "In order to prepare students to live in a culturally diverse society, schools should formally require all students to study other cultures and societies in depth.".

Students should not be required to take physical education in schools. There are a number of students who are embarrassed about their bodies, not athletic and not interested in sports.

Too many children are traumatized by having to participate in sports they are not good at. No High School Student Should be FORCED to Play Sports. In high school there are many academic and economic things to consider while being a student at an high school. One you must consider that time management is an important thing while taking classes and playing sports.

I am in high school and participate in Cross Country, and Wrestling.

Should School Sports Require Students to Have Good Grades?

A Privilege, Not a Right. Scholastic sports programs teach many valuable lessons that cannot be learned in a classroom. Courts have upheld for years that students should consider participating in a sport as a privilege, not a right.

Jun 12,  · Sports are great but they should not be required. When students are forced to play sports that they aren't good at and enjoy, it ruins it for kids who actually want to be there and enjoy it.

Kids will look at sports more as a requirement or punishment instead of something they actually want to do. Some kids can't wait to sign up for competitive sports: for others, earning that physical education credit is like torture. While there is little doubt about the importance of keeping kids physically active, there is quite a lot of debate around how this should be accomplished.

Schools should require students to practice a sport
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Should high school students be forced to play sports? |